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Why It’s Critical to Match Your IT Solutions to Your Business Needs

If your business is ready to surge in growth, then it may be time to pull the lever and re-tool your technology. Today, surviving in the modern marketplace means that smaller companies need to fully embrace digital technology and consider all tech options if they want to be efficient, productive and profitable. The truth is that an IT solution, if implemented strategically, can transform a business from slow stagnation to high performance in a very short time frame.

Businesses who want to gain a successful advantage over their competition need to have the right IT partner who can guide them towards technology that matches their immediate needs and can leverage the market in their favor. Yet, many small businesses don’t want to hear what they need to change, because they’re worried about how much it will cost, the learning curve or any number of factors. This fear stagnates your business.

For instance, some businesses are concerned about going to the cloud, even though for many, cloud solutions leverage several benefits: operational costs versus capital expenses, streamlined administration, less in-house IT knowledge, affordable access to consistently upgraded equipment and applications, and built-in security.

Other businesses dive head first into new technology adoption – fully sold on the benefits of the digital revolution, they want in and they want in now. The biggest downfall here is businesses navigating their choices without expert oversight. Even IT managers aren’t always equipped to manage strategic risk assessments, reconfigurations, disaster recovery plans, hardware refresh strategies, security implementation, or IT budget planning. Their expertise is often in the day-to-day operational needs of the company.

Without expertise, these projects will, at best, not have the desired impact and at worst, push a business into a critical emergency

Instead of falling victim to a “can do” mentality, we highly recommend an IT provider consult with an experienced managed services provider will ensure you stay in front of your IT learning curve while also staying within your IT budget.

Macatawa Technologies’ team works as a partner with businesses in Holland, Zeeland and surrounding areas to provide solutions that are tried and proven. We start by looking at these three main focal points:

1.    Identify the Biggest IT Technology Need

Zoom in the lens and spend time reviewing aging, old or dysfunctional equipment first. If your team has outdated equipment that would be costly to upgrade and maintain then that’s a top priority. You can’t ignore aging equipment; it will break. Get an initial assessment that includes a look at the short and long-term value of moving aging infrastructure to the cloud.

2.    Determine Short & Long-Term IT Needs

Although you may think you know what IT solutions you need, we often find that businesses don’t know what they don’t know. We look at your specific business needs and share technologies that work best with those needs. We did this recently for a dental office that was struggling with their phone solution and didn’t have a big budget for a new phone system.

 Look for an IT team with a broad range of knowledge, experience and expertise in multiple technologies. They’re best equipped to help you reach your short and long-term goals and can work within your budget. They should offer a dedicated account manager to work with you. This individual should be able to understand what your technology pain points are and where solutions would support future business growth.

3.    Find the Pivotal Sweet Spot Between Technology & Business Growth

Every business owner knows there’s a sweet spot between the comfort and growth factor. The right IT service provider will be able to see exactly what pivotal IT solution will encourage your business to grow and reach its highest potential.  The right IT business solution can have an expansive and positive impact on business processes, growth and profits.

We dig in and help our clients with finding the right IT solutions, so they can focus more on their business than their technology needs. Reach out to us online or call us at (616) 394-4940 to learn how we can help can you benefit from the right IT solution.


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