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Top Signs Your Company Will Have a Security Breach

How are you managing your security? Maybe you bought an antivirus and think that’s enough (it’s not). Or, you might be working with an IT provider and believe they have your security covered, when they are only patching existing software. This is typically something companies don’t find out until it’s too late.

Unless you’re using an IT provider who is looking out for your best interest, your security is pretty much in your own hands. There are several little indicators you might have a security problem that can leave you exposed to data loss, ransomware, and a number of other issues. Know the signs and get proactive about your security.

Top 5 signs your company has security issues:

          5. You have no idea what happens if you get infected. Here’s what should happen: Your MSP gets back up and running quickly and seamlessly with no data loss. Make sure that is the scenario you can expect.

          4. You’ve set up antivirus and firewalls and that’s it. That won’t be enough. IT security requires multiple layers of security and an ongoing approach. It’s not set it and forget it.

          3. Your users have not been trained on what to look for. Your users are typically the front line of defense against ransomware. If they don’t have ongoing education, you can be sure there is a risk.

          2. Your files look funny. When you see different file extensions or scrambled looking files, you have likely been breached! We recommend disconnecting the affected devices from the network and contacting us immediately to prevent further infection and remediate the issue.

And the #1 warning sign…

          1. You have no plan in place to manage network security. If you’re not planning your IT security or being proactive, then you absolutely are set up for a security breach.

These threats can impact your bottom line. Ransomware can cost days of lost productivity and damage your reputation. If you have any of these security warning signs, your network is at risk of infection.

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