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In meetings with new clients, a common phrase often arises after presenting our Managed Services Solution: “How did we get here? Why did we let this happen?”

In West Michigan, IT management is typically handled either internally or by external companies. Both aim to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

At Macatawa Technologies, our goal is to keep West Michigan businesses current with technological advancements, implement best practices, provide top-notch service, and use technology for continuous innovation, all while educating on the threats posed by cybercriminals.

Here are a few ways to evaluate if you are getting the proper support and ensuring your business can perform all functions using technology:

Start of the Day Observations

Observe your team’s routines at the beginning of the business day. Are they at their workstations, ready to tackle the day, or are they grabbing coffee or chatting due to slow computer startups? Are tasks and projects taking longer than anticipated? During your daily walkthroughs, do you see active work in progress? Engage with your team and ask: “How is everything going on the tech side of things today? Does this happen often?” The answers will reveal insights that something needs to change.

Conducting a Simple Survey

A simple survey can bring valuable insights on issues or IT opportunities you might not see. Consider asking questions like:

  • What main challenges do you face regarding technology throughout the workday?
  • Have you had issues or incidents that kept you from performing your daily tasks using technology?
  • Are there areas where you see potential for technology to enhance your work processes?
  • When issues arise, are you receiving the proper service and expertise from your IT support personnel or company?

Look for common issues from these surveys. Asking more questions will help get the best outcome from your findings. Your team will appreciate knowing you are creating a better environment for them to work in.

Reflect on Your Own Experience

Reflect on your own work experience using technology. Are you able to complete all your tasks and access necessary programs consistently throughout your workday or week? If you are experiencing tech issues, your team is too.

You Have a Decision to Make

A strong rapport or many years working with your current IT company can sometimes prevent you from seeing the full picture. Do not assume all issues submitted are corrected. When reviewing and evaluating the performance of your team members, do not forget about IT. Creating IT standards will be impactful for the continued growth and evolution of your company. Every West Michigan company deserves the right service, support, and expertise for continued IT success. There is nothing worse than when your workday is interrupted because your technology cannot perform the tasks necessary to keep work moving forward.

Macatawa Technologies is here to help with navigating this change. With Macatawa Technologies, you can leave the tech stress behind and stay focused on what matters most – your business. Contact us to see how we can help.


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