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Michigan Manufacturer Leverages Technology to Realize Significant Growth

Macatawa Technologies has been working with West Michigan manufacturing clients to meet their business goals with the right technology and thoughtful investments that don’t require huge outlays of capital.

Don’t take it from us, listen to what one of our clients has to say:

Technology-Fueled Growth

Over the years, Macatawa Technologies has supported Ess-Tec’s growth with strategic insights, advice, reliable support and proactive management of their systems. From deploying their first email service and helping them improve staff collaboration and productivity with Microsoft Office 365 to upgrading their production equipment and integrating their workstations into new machines, Macatawa Technologies has been Ess-Tec’s go-to source for rapid, expert IT support.

Most recently, we helped them with their initiative to eliminate reliance on paper manuals and make the switch to tablets. Macatawa Technologies also migrated Ess-Tec from a single database maintained by one person, giving them redundant backups, firewalls, and servers to ensure that in the event of one server outage, they can stay up and running with industry-specific software and a larger team of experts at their back.

A Partnership Leads to Exponential Growth

In the years we’ve worked with Ess-Tec, they’ve expanded from a small operation of some 30 employees 13 years ago to nearly 300 today. Their products are used by auto manufacturers worldwide. By partnering with our trusted IT team, Ess-Tec has the advantage of working with experts who know how to align technology with business goals and use it as a business accelerator without investing mountains of money.

How Does Your Plant Grow? By Up-Ending the Break-Fix IT Model

By up-ending the break-fix IT model of IT, we provide you a proactive, stable model of technology that maximizes your uptime and eliminates unplanned expenses and downtime from IT problems.

Through this strategic alliance, Macatawa Technologies helps manufacturers and businesses address their challenges head-on, leveraging technology and our expertise to expand to new locations, increase your production capabilities and broaden your market reach.

We believe in predictability in billing, ensuring network stability and maximizing what you can do with your technology. Our team operates with integrity, only recommending solutions based on your need and budget.

We’re based in Holland and proudly help Michigan manufacturers develop an IT strategy that keeps their businesses growing. You can contact us any time online or by phone at (616) 394-4940.

Whatever your goals, make sure you have an IT partner who can help you make it happen.


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