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When IT Isn’t Your Day Job – Macatawa Technologies Can Help

Running your own business can mean that you wear a lot of different hats – especially when you’re trying to grow your business. As your business and staff increases, you might have noticed that your time is being spent more and more on technology instead of concentrating on your core business.

When your IT needs more time or expertise than you’ve got, your choices are simple: hire an internal IT person or outsource your IT needs. Outsourcing might include:

  • Augmenting IT for specific needs, i.e. remote monitoring
  • One-time projects, i.e. migrating to new servers or the cloud
  • Fully outsourced managed IT services

Depending on what your needs are, outsourcing is often the most cost-effective way to expand your technology and make it work more effectively for you. With a partner like Macatawa Technologies, you can put your business at the forefront while we take care of IT, whether you want to outsource a single project or offload your entire IT.

Even if you have another IT provider, we can still help you with specific needs (this is a great way to try out a new provider if yours isn’t meeting your expectations.)

How outsourcing IT benefits your business

Broader skill sets. While hiring an on-staff IT person is an option, an experienced managed services provider (MSP) has a larger staff and the depth of knowledge that comes with it. The expertise found within an MSP becomes available to you at a fraction of what you’d pay to have that level of skill on your staff and can more readily keep your IT at pace with your growth.

Larger staff. MSPs have more IT staff on board so your IT is managed by a team of professionals around the clock with complete continuity. You don’t have to worry about your IT director going on vacation or calling in sick and bringing your whole operation to a standstill.

More experience. Macatawa Technologies has helped numerous companies across multiple industries manage their IT, enhance their infrastructure, and get more secure. Our team is adept at working with a broad range of needs and solutions and can help you meet your goals.

The benefits of outsourcing IT

From fully managed services to individual projects, Macatawa Technologies has the depth and latitude to serve your business whether you need a full-time partner, ongoing help with something specific or an extra hand for special projects.

Whether you are trying to balance managing your IT internally, have a provider that isn’t meeting your expectations or need to augment your IT staff, outsourcing can be an invaluable tool to take your business forward. You don’t even have to get into heavy commitments. From large projects like updating computers and installing new servers to disaster recovery and cloud services, Macatawa Technologies will work alongside you to ensure your IT operations are efficient and effective.

The main reason to outsource IT? You’re now free to focus on your core business – and maybe even get to take a little time off to enjoy that boat you’ve been storing for years now.

To ensure your business is reaching its highest potential, contact Macatawa Technologies at (616) 394-4940 or online.


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