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7 Things Your IT Provider Should Be Doing For You

Technology plays a major role in business these days, making it crucial to have an IT partner with the ability to plan and implement, not just fix things when they break.

Make sure your IT provider is a true business partner who can help your business get to the next level. If you’re not getting this quality of service, it may be time to make a change.

Here are 7 things to expect from your IT provider:

  1. Develop a backup/disaster recovery plan

What would you do if there’s a fire at your business or if someone loses their computer? You can lose days or weeks of production if you don’t have a plan to address disasters. Depending upon your needs, you typically need a backup onsite and a virtual environment in the cloud to maintain operations if disaster strikes.

  1. Implement adequate data security

Like bulletproof glass, multiple security layers will protect your IT systems. The first protection layer includes a firewall and spam blockers to stop threats before they touch a computer. Anything that makes it through that is met with the second layer, antivirus on the computer. A trusted IT partner will ensure your security solutions are up-to-date, functioning and consistently monitored.

  1. Leverage technology to achieve business goals

With Macatawa Technologies’ vCIO, you can rest assured your strategic business goals and budget are complemented by IT. Our network quality specialist reviews your IT monthly with a 150-point checklist to ensure your IT is aligned with industry standards. The vCIO then meets with you quarterly to discuss leveraging technology for business growth.

  1. Refine IT procedures

Companies need to implement procedures to protect data and clients. Essential processes include managing passwords and implementing steps to handle terminated employees. Exiting employees may still have contact lists, wireless passwords and emails on their phones that must be retrieved and access eliminated to protect your business.

  1. Research new solutions

Macatawa Technologies devotes significant time to researching and testing new products to determine what solutions will benefit you best. New technology solutions can dramatically increase productivity. We realize that new solutions have major business implications and want to make sure our customers have the right technology to be as efficient as possible.

  1. Educate your staff  

Macatawa Technologies will educate you on your systems so your employees have an increased comfort level with applications and equipment. We believe you should know how to use your technology.

  1. Respond quickly with friendly service

Having an IT provider who responds to your requests in a timely manner and arrives with smiles on their faces makes everyone happier. Macatawa Technologies prioritizes emergency requests and has a friendly staff that will discuss your technology in terms you understand that address your questions quickly.

Understanding the business implications of technology is a quality you need in an IT provider. High-level business conversations with your IT provider help you leverage technology for better profitability and productivity.

To ensure your business is reaching its highest potential, contact Macatawa Technologies at (616) 394-4940 or online.


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