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Not all backup solutions are created equal. If your business is only using home-grade or commercial-grade backup solutions, you aren’t as protected as you might think.
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What to Look For in a Data Backup Solution

What to Look For in a Data Backup Solution

If you’re at all familiar with us, you’re probably aware of how highly we rank data backup. If your business creates or stores any data (which we guarantee it does) you need to have a backup to protect it, as simple as that. Let’s take a few moments to review how a BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) can benefit your business and its long-term continuity.

What Makes Data Backup So Important?

In simple terms, it’s because your business is always under threat of data loss. You may have been lucky enough to have evaded any serious threat up to this point, but you can’t assume that will always be the case. Take a moment to think about how crucial your operational and financial data is to your success.

Now consider what could happen if you lost all of it, and how easy it can be to lose.

Data loss can be the outcome of many different scenarios, ranging from cybercrime to natural disasters to hardware failure to a simple mistake on the part of one of your team members. Just hoping that your data will be okay isn’t going to be enough to account for all the variables in play.

Without your data, you effectively don’t have a business. You need to make sure that you are protecting it all—your employee data, vendor and customer data, financial data, and operational data alike. We’ve seen plenty of methods to fulfill the need for data redundancy. There have been tape backups, network-attached storage solutions, and there has been the old “ignore the problem and it goes away” approach.

Today, we don’t recommend any of them (especially that last one), because there’s a better way to handle it.

The BDR from Macatawa Technologies

Considering the importance of a reliable data backup, and how easy it makes protecting our clients’ assets on our part, the BDR is a great solution for our team and our clients alike. With our Backup and Disaster Recovery service, we protect the businesses we work with in a few different ways.

These protections include:

  • Customized backup – Our clients maintain full control of all data they back up, selecting what data needs to be protected so our technicians can devise a solution to fit their needs. This helps to keep costs low, enabling them to back up select data or their entire storage if they choose.
  • Adherence to best practices – When it comes to backup, the IT support industry has something known as the 3-2-1 rule for ideal data protection. Our BDR service incorporates this strategy by keeping at least three copies of your data, two stored in your place of business and one offsite (preferably in the cloud). As a result, you have a working copy available whether a full restore is needed from the cloud, or an on-site spare available should something important be deleted accidentally.
  • Incremental updates – We’re particularly proud that our BDR services don’t require backups to be delegated to exclusively after-hours, as the data is continuously updated throughout the day once the initial backup is taken. As a result, if something were to go wrong, you’d lose the minimal amount of data.
  • Professional support – As is the case with any of our solutions and services, we have exhaustively tested our BDR service and consistently managed and maintained it to ensure it delivers the most value to our clients. While investing in technology can be a tough decision to make, our team can confirm that the BDR will offer a more than sufficient return.

Interested in learning more about our data backup and disaster recovery solutions, or how you can better prepare your business for a disaster of any scale? Reach out to our team today at 616-394-4940.