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Not Happy with Your Current IT Provider? Why it Pays to Switch

If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know it’s time to break things off with your IT provider. You’re looking to justify how you feel about the fact that you can’t easily file support tickets. It seems like they never communicate with you. Or when something breaks, the costs are high for repairs, yet you’re still down for hours.

If any of the above are happening, then yes, it’s time to look for a new managed IT services provider.

Here’s how finding the right, quality IT provider will pay you back in no time:

Better Communication

Good communication is key. If a lack of communication is one of your primary issues with your current IT partner, then consider how the following would make a difference:

Faster response. Lack of responsiveness is a big red flag. It causes confusion, costs money and results in a lot of wasted productivity. That alone is financially worth the switch.

A dedicated account manager. This is someone who has a role outside of technical support who can help you navigate the support process, explain things to you, and serve as your advocate among the technical support team. They are your main point of contact and easy to get in touch with.

Regular check-ins. Monthly or quarterly meetings aimed at discussing hardware, software, back-ups and more. At Macatawa Technologies, we also use these meetings to talk about how IT can help you become a more profitable company.

A Proactive Approach
Hands down, a proactive approach to IT services is more cost-effective and supportive to your business than being reactive and just waiting for things to break. It saves you money and puts the power back into your hands. Think about this: an IT repair shop has no incentive to resolve ongoing and recurring problems. Those mean you’ll return again and again. A company that you pay a fixed monthly fee has every reason to get it right the first time.  Proactive managed IT is better than just fixing what’s broken.

Long-Term Planning
If you’ve never had an IT provider talk to you about future planning, you’re missing out on the biggest opportunities that a managed IT service company presents to your business. Technology is not just something to be fixed. It’s something to be leveraged.

A conversation with the right IT provider will include these 4 things:

  1. What are your business goals and how can technology help you achieve them?
  2. Do you have any high-risk projects that need to be dealt with right away?
  3. What is the life span of your current equipment? (hint: 5 years or less for servers)
  4. What happens if natural disasters or accidents wipe out your equipment?

What is the Risk of Sticking with a Provider that Isn’t Working?
The biggest risk of sticking with an IT provider that isn’t working is that it will harm your business.

Clients who switch to Macatawa Technologies love that anyone on their staff can contact us for support quickly and get a support ticket immediately. Business owners love that because it means reduced downtime and money saved.

At Macatawa Technologies, we take exceptional care of our clients. We can help you create an exit strategy with your current provider and get you onboarded smoothly and with minimal disruption to your day to day business needs.

Any IT provider can send out a tech, but few will make you feel like you’re really being taken care of. Contact Macatawa Technologies at 616.394.4940 or online.




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