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Tech Tip Tuesday: Why you need to have redundant backups

Businesses have a lot of critical data stored and it’s extremely important to keep that data protected and backed up. How costly can data loss be? How can you protect yourself from it? Here’s what you should know about backups, redundancy and why being a little obsessive with your backups isn’t a bad thing.

Have local backups setup so you can restore data quickly. Mistakes happen. We’ve seen it time and time again where employees accidentally delete an important document. Maybe your computer crashed before you could save that file you’ve been working on all morning. Having local backups can end up saving you loads of time.

Have an offsite backup solution in place in case something happens to your location or your local backup. Natural disaster events in Michigan are rare but anything can happen, such as a lightning strike, flooding, burst pipes, fires, etc. Being prepared for the worst could save your business if disaster strikes.

Regularly test the backups to make sure that they are working and/or are backing up everything you need. It may appear like it’s working but be sure to at least check monthly to ensure that the backups are working and that when you do need to retrieve anything, you can actually get to it.

Backups and redundancy are critical to your business. Give us a call to see what backup solutions Macatawa Technologies has to help you keep your data safe.


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