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How Your Small Business Can Use the Internet of Things

One of the biggest questions that was routinely asked to IT administrators before the COVID-19 pandemic shifted everything was, “How can we use the Internet of Things to Improve Your Business?” The answer isn’t as simple as you might think. Today, we will look at what benefits the Internet of Things can present to you and whether or not they can make a difference for the average small business.

Introduction to IoT

Most people have an opinion about the Internet of Things, but business owners don’t necessarily know where it fits. It can be a significant opportunity for businesses to automate certain parts of business. It can also provide administrator access to cost-reducing solutions. Let’s take a look at four Internet of Things tools that may fit into your small business.

For Security

The physical security of your business has to be a priority at all times. Today, manufacturers are building solutions that can both be effective at maintaining control and help secure access points. With many options available, including smart locks, smart cameras, and more, you can use Internet-connected tools to secure your place of business remotely.

Lighting and HVAC

Electricity and heating costs can be tough to manage. Today, manufacturers are creating smart thermostats and smart lights that can help businesses maximize their control over their business’ utilities, which can bring a significant cost reduction.

RFID Sensors for Inventory Control

For the small retail business it can be difficult to manage inventory. Today, many businesses have started using RFID tags that link to software that can automatically update inventory, and even automatically buy more of a product as inventory reaches certain levels. It allows businesses to maintain inventory while automating a lot of the process, saving companies a lot of money.

Mobile Card Readers

Another great tool for the small business, the mobile card reader works great inside a store and on the go. With a small piece of hardware, a business can accept payments from payment cards and even cash for very small fees. They can really expand the small business’ ability to grow as it allows them to accept more forms of payment and stay compliant with PCI DSS rules.

These are only four of the hundreds of IoT options that small business owners can use to automate certain tasks, cutting costs and providing more control over their business from anywhere at any time.

If you would like to learn more about IoT technologies you can use to improve your business, call the IT professionals at Macatawa Technologies today at (616) 394-4940.


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