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How To Keep Burnout From Impacting Your Productivity

We’ve all had those days when motivation eludes us, and they can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways that you can rejuvenate your drive in either your personal or professional life. Let’s go over some of these tactics to try and keep burnout at arm’s length.

Checking Your Needs

Once you feel burnout starting, take a moment to identify the cause. Burnout can be the result of various stimuli, whether they’re stress-related, founded in uncertainty, or just signal that you need a snack or a nap. Being able to look at yourself and take this kind of self-inventory will help you identify your needs and—ideally—resolve them efficiently.

If you can address the issue immediately, do so. If not, even having a plan of action to embark on later can help keep something from being a distraction in the present.

Minimizing Distractions

If you find your attention wandering, or being diverted to different things, do what you can to figure out what it is that most often waylays your attention and eliminate it as much as possible. Let’s say you happen to find yourself working more productively in the morning. It would make sense to, if possible, try to schedule your most demanding tasks for this time.

If other factors influence you or divert your attention, try to minimize them in any way you can. For instance, turning off email notifications for an hour may just be what you need to complete that pressing project.

Changing Your Environment

As in, literally doing your work someplace else. With so many people still working from home, this becomes easier than ever, as it’s as simple as moving from the kitchen table to your easy chair. In the office, this might be more challenging, but even stepping into a fresh space for a moment or two might be all you need.

Rack Up a Small Win

Finally, nothing can motivate someone better than a victory, even if it is just a small one. Starting off the day by accomplishing a goal tends to encourage people to continue this behavior, ultimately accomplishing more throughout their day.

If you’ve put these fixes in place, and have discovered that it’s actually technology difficulties that are hurting your motivation…well, that’s where we come in. Our managed IT services can help mitigate such challenges before they start making a difference in your workday. Find out what we can accomplish together by calling 616-394-4940.


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